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LoQit presents an advanced electronic locking system designed for lockers, delivering a premium user experience. This electronic locking system (made up of a LockController, a Terminal, and the TF30 Locks), coupled with the software as a service model, creates a secure and adaptable solution, offering users greater autonomy and relieving administrators of unnecessary burdens. Through the intuitive LoQit app, users can effortlessly connect their accounts and conveniently handle locker usage payments. If you're in search of a cutting-edge locking system, look no further. Contact us today!

Lock - TF30

The LoQit Lock is a very robust solenoid controlled smart lock. The lock can be opened using the LoQit Lock Controller to which the lock is connected. The lock has sensors to detect if the door is closed and to activate Push-to-Open. Software wise it is possible to set the lock to Push-to-Open or Pop-to-Open. The lock comes in a version for left-handed doors and right-handed doors.


The LoQit LockController can read and control 20 LoQit Locks. The LockController has two serial communication ports (RJ45) for communication with the Terminal and interconnection with another LockController (Daisy Chain). Each lock controller is powered by 24VDC/2.5A (P1J). An external power supply is supplied as standard for each LockController.


The LoQit Terminal is used to control and operate the LoQit Electronic Locking System. It contains a 10" touch screen covered with a glass plate, a multi-card reader, a cloud controller, and a Raspberry PI. Power is supplied by means of an included power supply.

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